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Who is Training Pathways?


Christi Miller Sara Judson
Christi Miller  Sara Judson

Sara McLeod Judson and Christi Breaux Miller are uniquely qualified to address your organization’s issues.

Sara has over 20 years of experience in healthcare organizational leadership, local, state and federal government staff positions as well as volunteer leadership. Christi brings 18 years of training, staff development and sales experience in technology, retail and healthcare to the equation.

With insight into the challenges faced by employers and employees today, as well as those unique issues faced  by volunteer boards and organizations Sara and Christi are the answers to your ‘make it happen’ needs. 

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Are Leadership, Excellence and Organizational Effectiveness your goals?

Training Pathways can help to develop your leadersAuthentic leadership requires a commitment to developing yourself as a leader.  Do my employees trust me?  Do I add value to my employees?  Do I have meaningful one-on-one conversations with my employees?

At Training Pathways, we believe leaders need to communicate at all levels.   It is through the ways a person communicates each day, especially in difficult conversations, that an authentic leader can add value to the employee and organization.   
•    Learn how to have a difficult conversation without compromising your relationship
•    Communicate and connect with an authentic approach
•    Be transparent and exercise integrity daily
We can help you to achieve superior qualityTo create a culture of excellence, passion and commitment are driving forces.  Many organizations have mission and vision statements, and even core values.  How do you know if these core values are a part of your employees daily work?  Do their behaviors reflect the values of the organization?  Does their daily work align with the overall goals of your organization?
•    Develop a culture around service with a personal touch
•    Align employee behaviors with the values of the organization
•    Align employee and organizational goals and outcomes measures
•    Commit to accountability
Getting the most out of employyes is part of our jobIncreasing organizational effectiveness is a goal Training Pathway has for all of our clients. One way we achieve this is to help you learn how to identify, attract, and retain top talent for your organization. Training Pathways has a highly effective management solution to increase the effectiveness of your organization at all levels, beginning with having the right person in the right position.  
•    Behavioral and Peer Interviewing
•    Increasing employee engagement
•    Maximizing your human capital